“Own the Zone” Pitchers Boot Camp With Brent Strom

Get pitching advice and learn from one of the most respected coaches in baseball. Brent Strom has helped thousands of pitchers from ten years old through professional. Strom is the head pitching coach of the MLB Houston Astros. Learn the three absolutes of being a successful pitcher. See how about $5. of supplies from a hardware store can help you be a better pitcher. “Own the Zone” Pitchers Boot Camps with Brent Strom, on Monday January 21, 2014 (MLK Day), are proudly hosted by BPM Training & Media Center.

Own the Zone Pitchers Boot Camp with Brent Strom


BPM Training Center Announces Its Core Training Programs

12/17/2013, 12:45am EST
By BPM Staff

Baseball Player Magazine Training and Media Center has announced its core training programs. See below for infomation on some of the programs that will be offered at the Baseball Player Magazine Training & Media Center at 200 Robbins Lane, Jericho – Building D2.

BPM Bat Control

bpm_bat_control_logo_mediumBPM will teach a batter the difference of the parts of the swing and importance of learning each of them. Those include the stride, load, and separation. We’ll help the hitters be aware of getting their hands into a good position, palm up-palm down, staying balanced and always turning on your back foot. Each hitter will be taught to be short and quick to the ball to get the best results when hitting. A great help for the hitters is how we address their approach to their at bats, as hitting is a game where failing three out of ten times still makes you one of the best.

Every batter is individual, and we’ll work with what he brings to the plate. This will help a batter be successful against any competition at any level of the game.

Our hitting pros include Tom Merkle and Dan Luisi. Tom is the all-time home run record holder for local Division I program, New York Institute of Technology. Tom was also drafted by the Florida Marlins in the 15th round and playing in their minor league system for four years. Dan Luisi is a current coach on the northeast powerhouse Stony Brook University who played in the College World Series just two seasons ago.

BPM Commander

bpm_commander_logo_mediumBPM Commander is a progressive program for pitchers. It teaches pitchers high-velocity mechanics, with an emphasis on metal mindset, pitch selection and command. Everything a pitcher needs in his toolbox to become an elite pitcher and own the strike zone. Command the game and own the strike zone with BPM Commander.

Our pitching professional is Rob Savarese. Rob is the pitching coach for Briarcliffe College in Bethpage. He pitched collegiately for Farmingdale State College and professionally for five independent baseball teams.

BPM Defender

BPM DefenderThis six week program will help you improve your arm strength and your range on the field. You’ll develop greater mobility and most importantly refine your footwork. These are what separate the elite infielders from the rest. Although the program focuses on defensive fundamentals, the program is intense. It provides the training you need to become an elite defender.

Our defensive professional is Frank Intagliata. Frank is a Division II defensive record holder when he played at Dowling College. In 2009, Frank’s Dowling team became the first to reach the DII College World Series in Cary, North Carolina, where the Golden Lions defeated #1 University of California San Diego.

BPM Performance

BPM PerformanceBPM Performance will help a baseball athlete in many ways. We can pinpoint your physical strengths and weaknesses. We will perform an assessment at no charge. Then you can get a full movement analysis as well as body composition screening. Our professionals can help you create specific goals related to your desired results. We’ll help you clarify your commitment level, and then customize your training program.

Our performance professional is Mike Amendola, of Amendola Performance. Mike is certified as a CSCS, an MSC member, and holds both AAPTE and NASM personal training certifications.

To book a lesson or clinic for any of these programs, please call 516.802.7158 or e-mail info@baseballplayermagazine.com